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About us

Our company was founded in 2002 , is located in Pingyang Zheng Zhujiadun Aojiang town industrial zone , covers an area of ​​21,333 square meters . 104 State Road 3 km away from the Ningbo-Taizhou- Wenzhou Expressway entrance 10 km , 1 km Ao pier , Wen Fu railway six kilometers , the transportation is very convenient. August 2009 a successful transition into gelatin food production , and in July 2010 through the XK certification in 2011 through the food safety management system , quality management system certification. More than 100 employees , of which 15 were in management , professional and technical personnel 14 people ( engineers, assistant engineers, four people, technical personnel 8 ) . Comprehensive range of testing, testing , testing equipment, water treatment equipment. 2013 introduction of advanced automated production line equipment, environmental protection equipment. The product with the " quality" of the leap in performance and yield. Since the fixed assets has reached more than 30 million , is specialized in producing organic food additives gelatin mature companies . Through the introduction of annual production capacity of equipment 2,000 tons .

As the company is food production enterprises, purchase of raw materials and production technology has strictly controlled. In recent years, business leaders care and support , companies have developed , the use of leather agricultural resources , and social benefits for the country to make a contribution . Production of food additives, health problems related to people , is a major security areas , production processes and management we always Strict tireless , always pay attention to every aspect of the production . Production environment are in line with the Ministry of Health "food additive gelatin production of sanitary norms" requirement.

We always adhere to the people-centered approach to development, focusing on economic and social benefits . Market-oriented , relying on quality and production . Customer trust, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit.